• The Vuber Earth Initiative

    The Vuber Earth Initiative
    The Vuber Earth Initiative addresses the environmental impact of lithium-ion batteries, with only 5% being recycled globally. Improper disposal leads to fire hazards, leaching of heavy metals, and ecological damage. Governments are taking action, with 19 states enacting battery recycling laws. Vuber, a technology company, acknowledges its role and has launched a recycling program for their batteries, recycling their own products and competitors' batteries in-house....
  • What Is Vuber Earth?

    What Is Vuber Earth?
    One aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to vaporizers is how to properly dispose of devices that no longer work or are broken. It’s important to know that most vaporizer devices contain various types of materials that can’t simply be thrown in the trash. Lithium-ion batteries are often powering vaporizers, and contain a flammable electrolyte and combustible contents. Not an ideal thing...
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