The Dabber 2.0
***PRE ORDER NOW!  Shipping APRIL 2023!*** The Dabber 2.0 is a revolution in Vuber’s torchless technology, offering the perfect experience for both new and experienced users. Featuring improved and unique water percolation, the Dabber 2.0 provides three nail types (quartz, titanium,...
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Dabber 2.0 Replacement Battery
The Dabber 2.0 Replacement Battery is the perfect solution for those in need of a second battery or a replacement battery. This high-quality battery provides long-lasting power for all of your vaporizing needs. With its sleek design and durable construction,...
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Dabber 2.0 Glass Replacement
***PRE-ORDER NOW!  Shipping APRIL 2023!*** The Dabber 2.0 Replacement Glass is the perfect replacement for your old or broken glass, or the perfect upgrade to your original Dabber glass.  Compatible with both the Original Dabber and the Dabber 2.0
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Dabber 2.0 Dab Tool & Magnetic Carb Cap
Replacement Dab Tool & Magnetic Carb Cap for the Dabber 2.0 - Note:  Not compatible with the original Dabber/original Dabber Glass.
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Dabber 2.0 Replacement Heating Element
The Replacement Dabber 2.0 Heating Element ensures your rig is always ready to go at a moment's notice. This Heating Element is only compatible with the new Dabber 2.0 and does not fit the original Dabber.  Heating Elements will need to be replaced...
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The Edge Dab Tool
The Edge wax dab tool is a revolutionary tool that allows you to easily and efficiently consume your favorite concentrates. With just the press of a button, the tool heats up to the perfect temperature for dipping into wax, crumble,...
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