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The Dabber 2.0
The Dabber 2.0 is a revolution in Vuber’s torchless technology, offering the perfect experience for both new and experienced users. Featuring improved and unique water percolation, the Dabber 2.0 provides three nail types (quartz, titanium, and ceramic) and two heat...
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Atlas Kit
The ATLAS Kit is a wax & oil concentrate vaporizer designed to provide a discreet but powerful vaporizing experience. Dab your wax, shatter or crumble in our dual quartz atomizer for a generous and tasty draw. The Atlas comes with...
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Dabber Black
The Vuber portable Dabber, is designed to deliver powerful, torchless dabbing on the go.  Just fill the glass with water, choose from one of the three provided attachments (titanium, ceramic, and quartz), pick your preferred temperature and clear your schedule.  No...
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