• Introducing: The Pulse - Vuber’s Flagship Vaporizer Battery

    Introducing: The Pulse - Vuber’s Flagship Vaporizer Battery
    Pulse The Pulse is Vuber’s flagship vaporizer battery driven by their exclusive “Never Burn” technology, and is the most premium option in their current line of pen-style batteries (which also include the Pulse Touch, Pilot, and Atlas batteries). Vuber boasts design utility patents on the Pulse, which really makes it unique and unlike other batteries on the market. It features automatic and manual settings,...
  • How to Vape Properly?

    How to Vape Properly?
    How to Vape: What does vaping properly mean? Explore in-depth information about vaping and find something for everyone. Learn about understanding vape devices, vape product types, cartridges, and more. What Is Vaping? Vaping is a relatively new way of consuming cannabis that is quickly replacing smoking as the preferred method by many cannabis users. It involves using a vaporizer device or battery that uses...
  • What Is Vuber Earth?

    What Is Vuber Earth?
    One aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to vaporizers is how to properly dispose of devices that no longer work or are broken. It’s important to know that most vaporizer devices contain various types of materials that can’t simply be thrown in the trash. Lithium-ion batteries are often powering vaporizers, and contain a flammable electrolyte and combustible contents. Not an ideal thing...
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