• What Is Vuber Earth?

    What Is Vuber Earth?
    One aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to vaporizers is how to properly dispose of devices that no longer work or are broken. It’s important to know that most vaporizer devices contain various types of materials that can’t simply be thrown in the trash. Lithium-ion batteries are often powering vaporizers, and contain a flammable electrolyte and combustible contents. Not an ideal thing...
  • The Best Settings To Vape Weed, E-Juice and Concentrates

    The Best Settings To Vape Weed, E-Juice and Concentrates
    Vaping is quickly becoming the most popular and widely used form of cannabis consumption. Maybe you've been a fan of blowing huge clouds with a bong or popping a huge bowl with your favorite smoking device. Maybe you're also into vaping but don't quite understand how to get the perfect flavor, smoothness, and experience when vaping instead of other methods.There are many different vaping...
  • The Do's And Don'ts of Vaping

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    The Do's And Don'ts of Vaping
    Vaping has become a popular hobby over the past decade. If you are new to the hobby, there is a learning curve. In this article, we’re showing you the do’s and don’ts for using vape cartridges. We’re going to start off with things beginners should avoid when vaping, and then give you a short list of things you should focus on doing. Do’s of Vape...
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