• Vapor and Vaporizers - A Brief History

    Vapor and Vaporizers - A Brief History
    Herbal vaping, also known as herbal vaporization, is a relatively recent development in the long history of herbal medicine and the use of herbs for various purposes. It involves the heating of herbs or plant material to release their active compounds without burning them, which can be healthier alternative to smoking. The history of herbal vaping can be traced back to several key developments....
  • The Element: All New Portable Electronic Dabber

    The Element: All New Portable Electronic Dabber
    The Element is an all-new portable electronic dab rig developed by Vuber Technologies. Designed to be used with cannabis and hemp concentrates, the Element packs all the features and functions of a dab ring into a small, handheld package – it’s perfect for taking while on-the-go or adventuring to your latest destination! It features a unique design and is a great addition to any...
  • How to Vape Properly?

    How to Vape Properly?
    How to Vape: What does vaping properly mean? Explore in-depth information about vaping and find something for everyone. Learn about understanding vape devices, vape product types, cartridges, and more. What Is Vaping? Vaping is a relatively new way of consuming cannabis that is quickly replacing smoking as the preferred method by many cannabis users. It involves using a vaporizer device or battery that uses...
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