• What is a 510 Thread Battery?

    What is a 510 Thread Battery?
    If you're a vape enthusiast, you've probably come across the term '510 thread battery' quite often. But what exactly is a 510 thread battery and why is it so popular in the vaping community?
  • The Element: All New Portable Electronic Dabber

    The Element: All New Portable Electronic Dabber
    The Element is an all-new portable electronic dab rig developed by Vuber Technologies. Designed to be used with cannabis and hemp concentrates, the Element packs all the features and functions of a dab ring into a small, handheld package – it’s perfect for taking while on-the-go or adventuring to your latest destination! It features a unique design and is a great addition to any...
  • Introducing: Pilot - Vape Battery

    Introducing: Pilot - Vape Battery
    Pilot The Pilot battery is Vuber’s version of a simple, button-style battery that has all of the features for new and seasoned users alike. It features three selectable voltages, a pre-heat function, and has been upgraded to USB-C charging for 2022. Powered by a 320 mAh battery, it’s the smallest capacity battery in Vuber’s current catalog, but still has all the power needed for...
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