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***Pre-Order*** Expected ship date April 2023*** Introducing the Pulse Touch, the newest offering in the Vuber Pulse line up. It features the same Pulse technology as the original but without...
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***Pre-Order*** Expected ship date April 2023*** Introducing the Pulse Touch, the newest offering in the Vuber Pulse line up. It features the same Pulse technology as the original but without the OLED screen, which allows us to make a smaller and more affordable device and bring our patent-pending “Never Burn” technology to a wider audience.

- Reads the resistance of the cartridge and automatically adjusts the settings for optimal use.

- “Never Burn” technology, tapers the heat as you draw, which allows you to attach any cartridge and be certain you will have the best flavor to vapor experience.

- Suction activated.

- Protective magnetic cartridge sleeve, for ultimate cartridge protection.

- 430mAh battery allows for long uses between charging.

- Pass-through micro USB charging lets you use the device even when plugged in to charge.

    All 510 Thread Concentrate Cartridges


    Pulse Touch

    The Pulse Touch is Vuber’s newest battery and the second offering in their Pulse product lineup. It shares the same “Never Burn” technology as its older sibling, the Pulse, but packed in a smaller form and works with 510 cartridges. It loses the OLED screen but gains a touch-sensitive bottom as well as a magnetic sleeve to protect the cartridge, and comes in at a lower price at an MSRP of $34.99. It’s draw activated and automatically sets the resistance and voltage once the cartridge is connected, which makes it very easy to use.

    A 430 mAh lithium-ion cell battery powers the Pulse Touch, and it features a touch-sensitive bottom plate used to power the device on and off, as well as check the battery life. The Touch features Micro USB charging and had pass-through charging for use while it’s being charged. The included cartridge sleeve magnetically connects to the battery, and slips over standard cartridges to protect the cartridge body.

    The Pulse Touch might look like other draw-activated batteries, but it packs some nifty features into its pen-style body. Like the Pulse battery, the Pulse Touch features the patented “Never Burn” technology from Vuber to automatically set the voltage based on the resistance of the cartridge you’re using. It really helps to make this battery simple to use, as it helps take the guesswork out of selecting your cart’s voltage each time. The draw activation couldn’t be any easier and helps to make this a very user-friendly battery for new users and seasoned vets alike!


    How to Use

    The Pulse Touch is powered on/off by touching the bottom plate 5 times rapidly with your finger - the bottom plate will light up to indicate that the device is turned on. Once powered, you’ll want to connect a cartridge to the top of the battery - the bottom will flash to indicate that it’s connected to the Pulse Touch correctly. Now, simply draw on the mouthpiece of the cartridge to produce vapor and the battery will light up to indicate that airflow is present. It’s really that easy! You can tap the bottom of the Pulse Touch with your finger to check the battery level – it will light up in different colors that correspond to the current battery life.

    The Pulse Touch only works with 510 threaded cartridges – atomizers and magnetic chargers are not recommended for use with the device.

    Build Quality

    The Pulse Touch is a pen-style battery that fits nicely in the palm of the hand and is easy to grip and hold. It features a black, painted shell with silver accents near the top, middle, and bottom of the unit. On the bottom of the unit is the Micro-USB charging port, along with a light-up, touch sensitive bottom plate. The magnetic sleeve is easy to remove by hand and has a good magnetic connection to the battery – it doesn’t slide off or come disconnected unless you take it off. Vuber’s “V” icon is branded near the bottom of the Pulse Touch. The simplicity of the design doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a premium battery.

    The unit seems to be well-constructed with a metallic shell and looks very sleek and slim. Without a cartridge attached, the Pulse Touch measures at a little over 3 inches high, 0.5 inches wide, and weighs just less than 1 ounce. The touch sensitive plate is very responsive and the lights on the bottom illuminate to a bright level when checking the battery life or inhaling on the cartridge to know you’re getting a hit.

    Power and Performance

    Powering the Pulse Touch is a 430 mAh lithium-ion cell core, which helps to drive the “Never Burn” technology within. Since the battery is automatic and draw activated, there’s no adjustment needed as the battery determines the appropriate voltage for the battery.

    The Pulse Touch handles 510 cartridges with ease. Simply connect your cartridge to the Pulse Touch, inhale on the mouthpiece and you’re off! Vapor production is fantastic from start to finish – I was easily able to get a good amount of vapor with a short inhale.

    Ease of Use

    The Pulse Touch might be one of the simplest batteries to use – you simply turn the battery on, connect a cartridge, and start inhaling! That’s it! Powering the device on is as easy as 5 finger taps on the bottom of the battery. The Micro USB charging is sufficient and actually charges the battery relatively fast; it is capable of pass through charging, so the device can be used while its plugged in and charging. I was able to get a solid 2-3 days of regular use out of a full charge on the battery.

    Portability and Discretion

    The Pulse Touch shines when it comes to discretion. The magnetic sleeve covers the majority of the cartridge to help keep it out of sight as well as protect it – the mouthpiece is the only visible part of the cartridge that sticks out of the magnetic sleeve. The only drawback when it comes to discretion is the lighted bottom; that is, if you’re in a darker room or area, you’ll want to make sure your hand covers the bottom as the lights can be bright in the darkness.

    As far as portability is concerned, the Pulse Touch’s pen-style design and smaller stature make it very easy to slip inside of a pocket or small bag, even with a cartridge attached. The uniform design of the battery makes it feel like you have a pen or other small accessory with you instead of a vape device. While it’s still recommended to power off devices before packing them, the button-less design and air activation ensures that it won’t be activated if you forget to turn the Pulse Touch off.

    Final Verdict

    The Pulse Touch is a pen battery worthy of attention – the ease of use combined with its sleek design make it a must have, especially if discretion is key for you. The touch controls are very intuitive and simple to use to power the device and check the battery level. At an MSRP of $34.99, you get the same technology that powers the Vuber Pulse battery in a smaller form that still retains a premium feel to it. Additionally, like their other batteries, Vuber backs the Pulse Touch with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the life of the battery so you can rest easy knowing that your product is supported by the manufacturer.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews Write a review
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