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The Edge
The Edge has a universal 510 thread fit so it works with any standard vape battery. This butter cutter cartridge cuts up all viscosities and types of concentrate products, making it simple and easy to use. We’ve built this thing...
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The Dabber 2.0
The Dabber 2.0 is a revolution in Vuber’s torchless technology, offering the perfect experience for both new and experienced users. Featuring improved and unique water percolation, the Dabber 2.0 provides three nail types (quartz, titanium, and ceramic) and two heat...
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The Element
Introducing the Vuber ELEMENT – Engineered from top to bottom, the ELEMENT packs all of the features and functions of a full-sized dab rig into the palm of your hand! Developed, designed, and tested by our team in Spokane, WA...
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