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The cartridge battery for the connoisseur.  Three variable voltage settings allow you to pair your preferred voltage with your favorite cartridges no matter the viscosity.  The Pilot features a preheat setting...
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The cartridge battery for the connoisseur.  Three variable voltage settings allow you to pair your preferred voltage with your favorite cartridges no matter the viscosity.  The Pilot features a preheat setting that allows larger clouds with thick oil, even with oil affected by cold temperatures.

Recommended Use:

All 510 Thread Concentrate Cartridges 



The Pilot battery is Vuber’s version of a simple, button-style battery that has all of the features for new and seasoned users alike. It features three selectable voltages, a pre-heat function, and has been upgraded to USB-C charging for 2022. Powered by a 320 mAh battery, it’s the smallest capacity battery in Vuber’s current catalog, but still has all the power needed for your cartridges. It also has the ability to connect with concentrate atomizers, such as the Vuber Atlas Top, without needing any adapters.

Despite its simple appearance, Vuber manages to deliver a premium-feeling battery for its customers. Priced at an MSRP of $19.99 it comes in at a slightly higher price than other batteries with the same features and functions, but carries Vuber’s Limited Lifetime Warranty for the life of the battery. Not many batteries in the $20 and under category can boast a stellar warranty. The Pilot is a great battery for those who like to have a button-activated battery that’s versatile and ready to take you to new heights!


How to Use

The Pilot can be powered on and off by pressing the button 5 times rapidly; when turning the battery on, the light around the button will light up. Attach your cartridge to the battery and press the button to begin producing vapor. For thicker oils or on colder days, you can use the pre-heat function to help warm the oil up gradually – just press the button twice on the Pilot rapidly to start pre-heating the cartridge and inhale on the mouthpiece to catch any residual vapor.

The voltage can be changed by clicking the Pilot’s button three times rapidly – there are three available voltages. Here they are, along with the recommended use from Vuber:

  • Green – 2.8 Volts – More flavor, less vapor.
  • Blue – 3.4 Volts – More vapor, less flavor.
  • Red – 3.8 Volts - Best for Wax Atomizers

When cycling through the voltages above, the Pilot’s light will blink in the color that corresponds to the selected voltage.

Build Quality

The Pilot is a slim, sleek, pen-style battery that features a metal shell with an LED-backlit button, as well as a USB-C port on the bottom of the battery. It’s light and small – it weighs in at 0.7 ounces and measures 3.4 inches tall by 0.4 inches wide. Despite its small stature, it fits comfortable when gripping in the hand and feels like it is well constructed.

When using the battery, the button feels very responsive and has a good clicking action to it – I switched into voltages easily and activated the pre-heat mode as well with no issue. It heats up quickly and handles cartridges and wax atomizers excellently. Though it’s worth mentioning that attaching a wax atomizer does make the device very top-heavy, so be warned.

Power and Performance

The Pilot is powered by a 320 mAh lithium-ion cell battery and features three different voltages – making it well equipped to handle cartridges of all viscosities, as well as wax atomizers for those looking to use it as a dab pen as well. The pre-heat function works well to heat up thicker oils or can be helpful if you’ve been out in the cold for a bit.

Overall, the Pilot is a nice, no-frills battery option which I found performed well. I didn’t run into any issues while using the Pilot as a cartridge battery. It’s a little on the smaller size to use with a wax atomizer, but it performed just fine with Vuber’s Atlas Top attached – it just ends up being a little top heavy.

Ease of Use

For those familiar with button activated batteries, it will be a familiar experience – 5 clicks to turn the battery on/off, 3 clicks to change the voltage, and 2 clicks for pre-heat mode. As far as hitting the pen, it’s as easy as pressing down on the button and inhaling on the cartridge mouthpiece.

The battery charges rapidly thanks to the included USB-C cable, and features pass-though charging as well for use while charging. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to check the remaining battery life but the Pilot should last for at least 2 days of consistent, regular use before needing another charge.

Portability and Discretion

The Pilot’s small stature helps to make it a very portable vape, even with a cartridge still connected – it fits inside of a pocket or small bag without issue. The button could be pressed in a pocket or when pressed up against something else, so it’s best to turn it off before stashing it away.

If discretion is key for you, the Pilot is a good choice – again, due to its small size it stays mostly concealed within your hand when gripping. To the untrained eye, it will look like a pen-style oil battery and the button lighting up will mostly be hidden by your thumb. The Pilot isn’t a bad option for flying under the radar.

Final Verdict

The Pilot has all of the functions that a good starter battery should have - variable voltages, a pre-heat setting, and rapid USB-C charging. Additionally, it’s portable and fairly discreet while being able to deliver vapor from cartridges or atomizers if you’re feelin’ frisky.

It’s not the flashiest pen battery out there, but it really doesn’t need to be. It’s a solid starter battery, or a great upgrade from most of the cheap batteries that you find at gas stations and some dispensaries. The Pilot is a great value at its price point, as it packs all of the needed features into a discreet, unassuming little package.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews Write a review
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