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The cartridge battery for the connoisseur. Three variable voltage settings allow you to pair your preferred voltage with your favorite cartridges no matter the viscosity. The Pilot features a preheat setting that allows larger clouds with thick oil, even with oil affected by cold temperatures.

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The Vuber portable Dabber, designed to deliver powerful, torchless dabbing on the go. Just fill the glass with water, choose from one of the three provided attachments (titanium, ceramic, and quartz), pick your preferred temperature and clear your schedule. No coils, torches or butane needed.

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Pulse Touch Battery

Introducing the Pulse Touch, the newest offering in the Vuber Pulse line up. It features the same Pulse technology as the original but without the LCD screen, which allows us to make a smaller and more affordable device and bring our patent-pending “Never Burn” technology to a wider audience.

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