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Introducing the Vuber ELEMENT – Our portable dab rig is the perfect solution for those who love dabbing on the go. Compact and lightweight, this rig can be easily carried...
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Introducing the Vuber ELEMENT – Our portable dab rig is the perfect solution for those who love dabbing on the go. Compact and lightweight, this rig can be easily carried in a bag or backpack and is perfect for use at home or on the go. With a powerful heating element and high-quality glass, this rig is perfect for those who want to enjoy smooth and flavorful dabs wherever they go. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or just getting started, this rig is sure to become a staple in your collection.

Engineered from top to bottom, the ELEMENT packs all of the features and functions of a full-sized dab rig into the palm of your hand! Developed, designed, and tested by our team in Spokane, WA the ELEMENT will allow you to take your dabs to new heights as you Venture Higher!

  • Drop-in glass water Percolator allows for water-cooled dabs on the go. Includes a mouthpiece plug to prevent spills while traveling.
  • Coil-Less Atomizer prevents excessive concentrate build-up and allows for easy cleanup.
  • The 2-in-1 scoop carb cap tool allows for easy product loading without the bulk of traditional dab tools.
  • Fully removable parts for easy cleaning in isopropyl alcohol.
  • USB-C rapid and pass-through charging allows you to continue use while recharging the ELEMENT. The removable 2400 mAh battery pack ensures you have plenty of power and can carry extra batteries for longer adventures.
  • Includes hard-shell storage case for ultimate protection of your ELEMENT and accessories.

Recommended Use: Concentrates

About The Element

The Element is an all-new portable electronic dab rig developed by Vuber Technologies. Designed to be used with cannabis and hemp concentrates, the Element packs all the features and functions of a dab ring into a small, handheld package – it’s perfect for taking while on-the-go or adventuring to your latest destination! It features a unique design and is a great addition to any dabber’s arsenal.

Engineered from top to bottom, the Element was designed to give users the full power of a dab rig contained in a discreet and portable form. Powered by a 2,400 mAh lithium-ion removable battery, the Element has five different temperature settings for concentrates of all types and viscosities. It features a drop-in glass bubbler, glass atomizer, as well as a “scoop” style carb cap. Protecting the Element is a black metal shell, and it features white accents in addition to the Vuber branding on the top and sides of the device. The Element charges via a USB-C port and includes a charging cable as well – the device features pass-through charging while the battery is installed, allowing the use of the Element while charging. All the parts, except for the battery and the shell, can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol.

The Element is a unique portable dab rig – its compact design masks the power inside of the device, which is more than adequate for your dabbing needs.

How to Use

First, you’ll want to make sure that the Element has an adequate amount of charge on the battery – use the included cable to charge the battery to full capacity before using it for the first time. Simply attach the smaller end of the USB cable to the Element and the other end into a USB port or charger. Once your device is charged, you’ll want to remove the top mouthpiece assembly by pressing down on the center button on top of the device. Next, remove the glass bubbler and fill with cool water by filling through the top hole – you’ll want to make sure you fill right to or below the marked line on the bubbler. You can load your concentrate into the atomizer now or wait until the heating process begins – gather a small amount of your product onto the scoop carb cap or other dab tool and place into the bottom of the atomizer. Replace the top mouthpiece assembly.

Remove the black plug from the mouthpiece and set aside or inside of the swing-out compartment on the front of the device. To start the device, press the white button on the side of the Element three times – the light ring will blink three times in white. Pressing the button once more will begin the temperature selection and heating cycle. Continue to press the button to change temperature levels – the light ring will illuminate in blue to indicate the current level and will begin to heat the device. Once the desired temperature level is reached, allow the Element to come to temperature. Once the light ring is green, your temperature is dialed in and you’re ready to produce vapor! To begin producing vapor, gently inhale on the mouthpiece while pressing down on the carb cap. The Element will continue to heat the glass atomizer for 45 seconds after the green light has come on. Continue producing vapor for as long as desired – if you want to stop the heating process, hold down the button while the Element is heating. The lights will shutoff and the Element will return to standby mode. To start the heating cycle, press the button once – the light ring will illuminate in blue, and the Element will begin to heat again. Once the light ring has turned green, you’re ready to go again!

Once the heating cycle is complete, it’s recommended to wipe out the inside of the atomizer with a cotton swab or Q-Tip to clean up any residual oil. Let the atomizer cool a little before cleaning it out to ensure you don’t handle any hot material.


Build Quality

The Element stands at a little over 5 inches tall, about 1.5 inches wide, and just over 2.5 inches in depth. It features a black, metal-clad shell with white accents – the Element’s power button, swing-out compartment, and the mouthpiece stand out from the rest of the device. The swing out compartment is a nice little touch – there’s a small container for additional product while on the go or can be used to hold the carb cap while loading your concentrate. There are clear windows on both sides of the device that show the contained bubbler inside the device.  The mouthpiece assembly is removed by pressing down on the top button, which reveals the borosilicate glass bubbler and the atomizer/heating element underneath. The heating element is a coil-less, cup style heating element that is heated from underneath the cup. The stainless-steel carb cap features an integrated scoop design to help gather your concentrate material and dispense it into the atomizer. The removeable and rechargeable battery is located on the bottom of the Element and can be removed by moving the slider on the bottom of the device. 

Overall, the Element feels like a solidly built device. It fits well in the hand and has some heft to it – weighing in at 8.9 ounces, it’s slightly more than half a pound but doesn’t feel like it’s too bulky or too light. The battery helps to make it a little bottom heavy, which helps to anchor the unit and make it less prone to tipping over. One neat feature of the Element is that nearly all of the parts and pieces of the device (except for the battery and body) can be disassembled and removed for cleaning with alcohol or an alcohol bath for deep cleaning.


Power & Performance

The Element features five selectable temperatures that range from 400 degrees Fahrenheit to 800 degrees Fahrenheit in increments of 100 degrees; the first four temperatures (400°, 500°, 600°, 700ׄ°) are intended for dabbing, while the last temperature (800°) is intended for cleaning the atomizer. The included rechargeable battery has a capacity of 2400 mAh and recharges via the included USB-C cable in about an hour from empty. The battery has more than enough juice to help power the device – it heats up very quickly on a fully charged battery, coming to operating temperature within mere seconds. It also features haptic feedback and will vibrate once the Element has reached its operating temperature.

Once powered on and operating, the Element packs an absolute punch. As mentioned before, it heats up to temperature in seconds and begins to produce vapor right away. The integrated bubbler ensures that each hit you take from the Element is water-cooled, producing clean and consistent vapor every time. It doesn’t take a lot of concentrate to get started with the Element – a dab the size of a grain of rice or two is always a great place to start and will produce an adequate amount of vapor from the device. You can certainly load the atomizer with more concentrate, but you do run the risk of overfilling the heating element which will reduce the vapor efficiency of the Element. It’s always better to start with small amounts and gradually work your way up to ensure you’re vaporizing your concentrates efficiently.

Once the session is over, it’s recommended that you swab out the atomizer with a cotton swab/Q-Tip to clean any residual oil left over while the device is still warm. This will help to keep the glass heating element clean and reduces the number of deep cleanings. The battery has an adequate amount of power to keep your sessions going for quite a while; I was able to get a days worth of intermittent dabbing in without putting much of a dent in the battery life. Ultimately it will depend on your frequency of use and temperature level, but the battery holds up for more than enough sessions to get you elevated.


Ease of Use

The Element is a simple device to use – fill up the water percolator, load your product into the atomizer, power on the device, then simply wait for it to come to temperature and you’re ready to start vaporizing! The Element is straightforward to use once you familiarize yourself with the functions and features of the device. Like any other vaporizer device, it’s recommended to read the instructions prior to use to have a better understanding of how the Element is best used.

The Element is easy to clean and maintain thanks to its removeable parts. Nearly all the removeable parts, except for the battery pack, can be removed and cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. The Element was also designed with travel in mind – there’s an included mouthpiece plug that helps prevent water from leaking out of the percolator while packed or traveling. The power button is responsive, and the indicator ring lights are very bright and easy to see. Vuber includes all you need to get started, including the integrated scoop carb cap that can be used to load product. There’s also a swing out storage compartment that can be used to store additional product or hold the carb cap while loading the Element. Overall, the Element has all of the features and functions that a traditional dab rig has but in a very convenient form factor.


Portability and Discretion

The Element was designed with portability in mind; its small stature and size make it easy to pack for a short or long expedition. Having a detachable battery pack is a big bonus as well, since you can pack additional batteries with you to extend the life of your Element. If you have your own portable power source, you can also use the Element while charging thanks to its pass-through charging ability.

As far as discretion is concerned it’s unlikely that most people would think this was a portable, electronic dab rig at first glance. The Element looks more like a portable battery unit to the untrained eye. With that being said, it’s still important to remember that it’s a concentrate vaporizer, so the smell of your product will still linger while using the device. The Element does a fair job at keeping the vapor limited to the device, however, so the smell is somewhat minimal when compared to using a traditional dab rig.

Final Verdict

The Element is a truly unique portable dab rig device – it really packs a punch for a device as small as it is. It makes water filtered dabs on the go very convenient and is easy enough for new users and seasoned dabbers alike to use. It has more than enough power to quickly heat up and start producing vapor quickly and packs all of the necessary features that a portable dab rig should have. Additionally, the Element features a unique scoop carb cap for loading product as well as a mouthpiece plug to prevent water coming out of the percolator while traveling or packed away. It certainly packs a lot of features into such a small device.

The Element is competitively priced at $249.99, making it a suitable choice for those looking to step up their portable dab game, or for any user that likes the idea of having their dab rig in a compact and portable form.

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Customer Reviews

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