VAPE 101

What is a vaporizer?

A Vaporizer is a device used to release the active ingredients of your herb or oils/concentrates without combustion (which creates smoke). The active ingredient is turned into an inhalable vapor.

How is vaporizing healthier than smoking?

Instead of burning the material, your product is heated at a much lower temperature. This allows one to receive all of the benefits without the carcinogens and other nasty by-products that are released during combustion (smoking). However, currently there are no scientific studies that compare vaping with smoking. The FDA has not approved vaporizers (or vaping) to help cure, diagnose or treat any disease or disorder.

What's the difference between Conduction and Convection?

With Conduction vaporization, your oils/concentrates are placed in direct contact with the heating source, like the Vuber Atlas. On the other hand, Convection vaporization occurs when hot air passes over your dry herb, but never actually touches the heating element/source, like the Vuber Cosmos.

Is vaporization as potent as smoking?

Yes. In fact, properly generated vapor is more potent than smoke created when a plant substance is burned since it is more pure.

When I inhale, it doesn’t feel like anything is there. Am I doing something wrong?

Vaporization is a completely different experience. Vapor is a much lighter by-product than smoke, and as such you will not feel that heavy, irritating feeling that comes with traditional smoking.

When I exhale, little or nothing comes out. Is that normal?

Yes, this is completely normal. While density can vary between different vapors, typically you should only exhale a light mist as opposed to a large cloud of thick, smelly smoke.

Does the vapor produced by a personal vaporizer have an odor?

Compared to smoking, there is hardly any noticeable smell when using a Vuber Vape Pen. There can be a slight scent, especially when the vaporizer is used at a temperature that is too high, when combustion takes place. Most vaporizers are safe touse without having to worry about the smell.


What is an atomizer?

An atomizer is the heating element in your Vuber Vaporizer. Electrical current is sent through the element (or elements), instantly sublimating, or vaporizing, your concentrate into an inhalable form. Different atomizers are used across the Vuber vaporizer selection to accommodate different vape preferences.

How long does an atomizer last for?

An atomizer can last anywhere between 1-3 months, depending on how you care for it and use. For more information specific to a certain unit, please see the troubleshooting section.

I cough when I use my Vuber vape pen, is this common?

Coughing can be common even when vaporizing despite the inhaled substance being vapor instead of smoke. Coughing is the body’s natural reaction to irritation in the airway passages. IN some instances, it is likely that you’re vaporizing too much at once or at a temperature that is too high. Though it can be nice to inhale very concentrated vapor (because of the strong effect), it is difficult to keep this in the lungs. Lower the temperature or pare back the intensity of the draw and the coughing should ease.

Can all pens be used with dry-hear, wax and oil?

The short answer to this question is no. Most vape pens are designed to work specifically with dry herbs or exclusively with waxes and oil.

What benefit does the Vuber Globe accessory add?

What makes globe accessory so different from standard tops? The answer is space! The small glass globe used on globe pens, fills as you vaporize the material within in. This allows time for the vapor to cool, where standard, slim vape pens send the vapor directly to the user. The cooler vapor allows for a much more pleasant experience. Also, because of the more pleasant experience and larger space for the vapor to travel, consumers who use globe based vape pens like the bigger hits that they receive from a larger combustion area.


I'm experiencing issues when checking out?

Occasionally customers have technical issues when they are checking out. Most issues with checking out are related to credit cards issues. Please make sure your billing address matches your statement. If you continue to have issues please contact customer support.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

How will I know you've received my order and when will you charge my credit card?

A confirmation order number will be show as soon as your order is completed. You’ll simultaneously receive an email confirming that we’ve received your order. Your credit card will be charged when your order is submitted. A second email will be sent when your order ships.

Can I return an item for a refund? How?

Please carefully research the product you are interested in before purchasing. Refunds are only available for new and unused devices purchased at Vuber directly. If the shrink wrapping seal is broken a refund cannot be honored. Orders may only be refunded within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us to receive a return authorization and shipping instructions before returning unopened, unused products. All product must be unopened and a receipt is required. Refunds will be credited back on the card you use for your original Vuber purchase.

Devices purchased through an authorized Vuber retailer cannot be refunded by Vuber.

My card was charged multiple times. What do I do?

Declined transactions may appear on your billing statement as pending transactions. Within 5 business days, your bank will remove these pending transactions from your account. Because the transactions were declined, they will never be posted or permanently charged to your account. Unfortunately, during that time that the bank is processing the pending transactions, those charges will be deducted from your account balance. These funds are not being held by Vuber Technologies and the pending status will be removed only by your bank.


Do you deliver to PO Box addresses?

Yes, but we cannot ship UPS to a PO Box.

Do you deliver overseas?

At this time we only deliver to the U.S. Warranty services only apply to products purchased in the US.

How soon can I get my order?

Our standard delivery method is USPS Priority and UPS Surepost. Only orders via USPS are available for weekend deliveries. Please note that delivery dates are estimates provided by the courier and may be affected by public holidays and some geographic locations.

Will my order ship the day my order is placed?

For all in stock items your order will be shipped within 24 hours of order placement. On the off chance your product gets back ordered we will be sure to email you to keep you informed on when your order will ship.

Can I track my order?

Yes, once your order ships you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your tracking number, when your order ships.

Why does my tracking number say it’s waiting to be picked up?

Once we process an order, it generates a tracking number immediately after we package your new Vuber awesomeness. Occasionally if our shipping couriers comes before your order is placed, you package may take a day to be picked up.

What packaging will my order be delivered in?

Your order will be shipped in discreet packaging.

What if my parcel is damaged or opened?

If possible, please check the condition of your parcel before you sign for it. If it’s at all damaged or opened, don’t sign for it and hand it back to the courier to return to us. If you only discover that your parcel is damaged after it is delivered, please contact us. Please note: damaged or missing merchandise must be reported to us within 72 hours of the date of delivery. Failure to do so may result in the claim being denied by the shipping carrier and exclusion from our return/exchange policy. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our policies.

Can I change my delivery address after my order has been shipped?

Yes and No. No if you have received you’re tracking information by email. Yes if you have not received tracking information. If so you may contact us with your correct address



The Comet vaporizer is the most discreet and simple of the Vuber Vaporizers.


Your Vuber Comet Parts List:

  • Battery
  • Cartridge (Top Plastic Piece) with Atomizer (Wick)
  • Charger

Common Issues:

If you have an issue drawing vapor from the Comet please try the following steps. Try charging the battery for at least 6 hours to fully charge. You will know the battery is fully charged when the charger indicator light changes from RED to GREEN. Then reattach the Comet Atomizer and draw again. IF your battery is fully charged and is still having an issue, please attempt to check the cartridge.

  • The cartridge may be clogged or may not be vaporizing the material. Typically, a clogged cartridge can be unclogged by warming up the material in one’s hands or by intensely and rapidly drawing on the vaporizer until you begin to get a draw from the cartridge.
  • The thicker the liquid is inside of the cartridge, the more effort it will take to vaporize the liquid.
  • Colder temperatures seem to make the liquid less viscous which in turn can make it more difficult to vaporize.
  • Cartridges/atomizers are not covered under our warranty. They will need to be replaced from time to time depending on use. If you happen to get a unit and are having issues with the cartridge right out of the box, please submit a warranty claim below within two weeks of purchase.
  • Vuber does not recommend refilling your cartridge more than one time. It will start to effect the taste and we want you to have the best vaping experience! You can buy new pre-filled and empty cartridges from your favorite co-op or rec store.

If your battery is not charging please try the following steps.

Try charging the battery for at least 6 hours to fully charge. You will know the battery is fully charged when the charger indicator light changes from RED to GREEN. If the indicator light on your charger does not come on, you may have a faulty charger.Please submit a warranty claim and describe the issues above in your form.

IF your  battery is fully charged, the indicator light on the charger is working and you are still having an issue, you may have a faulty battery, please submit a warranty claim with a video documenting the unit issue, for example not turning on or lights blinking.


The Atlas is our high end concentrate vaporizer.


Atlas Parts:

  • Battery
  • Atomizer (small middle piece with coils)
  • Top with Mouthpiece.
  • Charger

Atlas Globe (formally the Galaxy) parts:

  • Battery
  • Atomizer (coils in glass dome)
  • Glass Dome
  • Charger

Atlas Combo (formally the Cera Pena) parts:

Both units above combined

If you are having an issue with the functionality of your Atlas please follow the following steps.

Try charging the battery for at least 6 hours to fully charge. You will know the battery is fully charged when the charger indicator light changes from RED to GREEN. If the indicator light on your charger does not come on, you may have a faulty charger. Please submit a warranty claim and describe the issues above in your form. If your indicator light come on, then reapply the Atlas Atomizer and draw.

If there is still an issue with the battery, the battery power indicator light (the light inside of the power button) will blink 3 times (or more) indicating that there could be an electrical issue. There is a chance the unit is over tighten. Try to unscrew the atomizer a have turn, if your unit still blinks repeatedly, please document the issue though a video and submit your claim below.

If your unit does not draw properly, check that your atomizer is not clogged.

  • If it is not clogged, try changing out your extra atomizer and see if the unit draws properly.
  • If it is clogged, try cleaning it, being very careful not to touch atomizers (coils).

If your unit still does not work you most likely need to purchase a new atomizer. You can purchase a new atomizer here or from an authorized retailer that carries our accessories.


The Cosmos is a high end dry herb vaporizer that, when used properly, utilizes a smooth convection heating system to vaporize dry herbs.


Your Vuber Cosmos Parts List:

  • Mouthpiece with Screens
  • Battery with Dry-Herb Chamber
  • Charger

If there is any power related issue with the Cosmos please take these steps:

Please charge your Cosmos unit for at least 8 hours to ensure that it has been fully charged. As the battery decreases in power, it seems to take longer to work. Simply charging the unit fully before usage can increase longevity and utility of the Cosmos vaporizer.

If the indicator light on your unit does not come on, the unit blinks rapidly, blinks and then shuts off, or seems to die after one use, you may have a faulty battery. Please submit a warranty claim with a video documenting the unit issue, for example not turning on or lights blinking.

If you are having an issue getting a sufficient volume of vapor take these steps:

  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds to change the temperature to an optimal setting.

**Red = 360

**Green = 380

**Blue = 420

Utilizing a higher temperature should increase the “heaviness” and volume of vapor for the user.

  • Make sure to grind up the material really well and pack the chamber being careful not to over-pack it. We advise filling the chamber 50-75% full and push in the herbs gently being careful to leave enough space for the air to flow through the dried herbs.
  • Take long deep, hard draws on the Cosmos as this will lead to higher volume and intensity vapor.
  • Replace your used screen with a new one.

Mouthpiece Issues:

Occasionally you may have issues with your mouthpiece. While we do offer free replacements as a courtesy, we do limit the number of replacements offered. Your mouthpiece needs to be handled with care.

If you are attempting to force it off the unit it can crack. Being too aggressive when snapping the mouthpiece on and off of the unit can lead the mouthpiece to crack at the point of contact.

Be careful when replacing the screens, if the metal piece that screws into the mouthpiece is not screwed in all the way after changing your screen, it could crack your mouthpiece as you remove it from your unit. Make sure to tighten it before putting itback onto your unit.

If you are still having issues with your Cosmos unit please document the issues and submit a warranty claim.



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